Perma – WHAT?!

Contrary to what the name may suggest, permaculture is NOT a cult dedicated to the popular `70’s hair style making its comeback (but it is so awesome that it may make your hair curl). It’s a handy way of referring to permanent agriculture, the most sustainable way to grow food that I’ve ever heard of.

Adrian from Big Sky Permaculture graced the EAC with his presence last weekend for an Introduction to Permaculture workshop. I was so inspired, I had to put up some links for you all. Check out the various permaculture projects happening around Nova Scotia.

Spotting the patterns at the Bloomfield Centre with Adrian.

  • There is a weekly Permaculture Circle every first Monday of the month at the Bus Stop Theatre (2203 Gottingen St), 6 – 7pm. It is open for anyone to come discuss and listen to anything permaculture!
  •  Motheroak Permaculture Co-op in the Windsor area is available for visits. Also check out the Down to Earth Blog, written by one of the interns at Motheroak.
  • The Common Roots Urban Farm is well on its way, and will likely be incorporating permculture concepts.
  • And don’t forget Halifax’s most lovely Garden Doula, for any and all of your gardening needs. She plans to organize a series of walks for this coming fall!
  • Lastly, mark your calendar for Making More with Microbes, an exciting upcoming workshop on soil foodweb, August 11 – 14th at Saint Mary’s University.

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