Gardens About Town: Gorsebrook Garden

Garlic Scapes in all their un-trellised wildness.

After I posted about our EAC garden’s new trellis I had a chance to bike around town and peek in to see how other gardens were growing. It had been a while since I visited the Gorsebrook Garden, that is part of the Peninsular Urban Gardens Society (P.U.G.S.) and it was really spectacular. These folks know how to trellis!

So here are some photos to share the inspiration. You can click on the images to take a closer look. Kudos to all the gardeners who created these mini paradises. If any trellis builders from the garden see these images, feel free to write in and share your tips.

Simple Bean Teepee

Sticks and String

Corner Trellis

Patchwork design

Peas in all their tall and sturdy glory.


One thought on “Gardens About Town: Gorsebrook Garden

  1. I am so pleased to see the Gorsebrook Community garden.I lived on Lundy’s Lane with my parents (Muriel Loxdale and the late Bill Loxdale – Head gardener for the Waegwoltic Club for many years ) He grew up near the old golf links and his family homestead was one of the last to go as Dalhousie expanded and built the student housing building back in 1964/65. Growing up in a large family, his responsibilities were the garden and the chickens.He continued with that responsibility all of his life.We always had fresh vegetables and my Mother canned everything else for the winter.Oh the wonderful smells in the fall and all that hard work ! But food never tasted so good.For me it’s like a little bit of my Dad’s history in gardening is still there and I am so proud to say he was my Dad. August 3 was his birthday.He would of been 107. I still miss him but he would of loved your garden !
    Jean Holland

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