Membership Lottery Now Open: Bloomfield Community Greenhouse

We are proud to introduce the  Community Greenhouse located at the Bloomfield Community Centre in the North End of Halifax. The greenhouse is now open to membership applications from residents in the North End of Halifax. These applications will be entered into a draw happening on September 6th, 2 p.m. on the Ecology Action Centre back deck (in case of rain, it will be inside).

About the Community Greenhouse

The greenhouse is a passive solar design that will function 10-12 months of the year. It is an exciting opportunity for North End residents to extend the growing season, growing greens throughout the winter months, propagate transplants in the spring, and grow warmer weather crops in the summer months.

This project is a prototype for future greenhouses, as this is the first season, we’ll be learning as we go. Our vision is many small scale, sustainable, community operated greenhouses across HRM. To do this we are looking for a small handful of intrigued and committed members who would like to build their skills in greenhouse operation, work and learn collectively, and share this knowledge and resource with the public.

The greenhouse under construction.

Becoming a Member

Being a member means you will have a space to grow in the ground of the greenhouse (a bed that is approx. 2’x4’), as well as a shelf to start seedlings. It also means that you are committed to working with the other members of the greenhouse to set up the space, manage the building operations, and build up collective skills and resources, with the support of a staff coordinator.

Interior wall still in the works, designed to collect heat from the sun.

Membership Details

Annual Membership running September 2011- September 2012

Membership Fee is $20 annually. If cost is a barrier please just let us know.

Membership applications are open to residents in the North End of Halifax.

Who knew construction sites were so dreamy?

Membership Responsibilities

Members should be prepared to spend a minimum of 5 hours a week in the greenhouse. This time includes tending to your own plants, doing collective greenhouse management, sharing your learnings, and attending monthly membership meetings.

There will also be the opportunity for members to attend workshops such as organic greenhouse management and native plant propagation throughout the year for those new to organic or collective greenhouse management to build new skills.

We also hope to work together to grow extra transplants to share with community gardens in HRM.

Our builder Zak (Full Cycle Builders), calls this the neapolitan insulation technique.

Lottery Application

As the scale of the greenhouse is quite small, and there is a large demand for plots, we have decided to run a membership lottery.  The draw will happen on September 6th, all are welcome to attend the draw. Winners will be notified and able to confirm their application at that time.

Beautiful barn board to finish it off.

To enter into the lottery please email us providing your name, phone number, email, and address. Please also write a line letting us know what excites you the most about our new community greenhouse. Send your email to Garity Chapman at:

Ph: 442 1077

Lottery closes midnight September 5th, 2011. Draw will take place September 6th at 2 p.m. at the Ecology Action Centre, all are welcome to attend.

Thank you to our funders:







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