Garden Blog Roundup

This week I thought I’d write a blog post for all of you gardeners out there who are looking forward to a winter under a warm pile of blankets. In between great books, some windowsill gardening, and keeping my eyes on our new Community Greenhouse, I’ll be checking out some other great blogs and seeing what other gardeners and farmers are up to.

I don’t read many blogs but these are a few that won my heart. They are beautiful and written by lovely and interesting folks. Check them out and tell us about some of your own favorites in our comment section.

Homemade Crackers

A blog written by a young family of five in Ontario, their first line states:“One day we wondered why we’d never tried making crackers before.”

And so they set off into a series of sweet and intriguing explorations into the food grown and produced around them and learn to make more at home.  It has exquisite photos and interesting posts about local foods and farms of southern Ontario.

The Ruminant

This is a beautiful and amazing site created by an organic farmer in the Okanagan Valley, BC. It is all about swapping ideas for great systems, and resources for rural and urban farmers. It’s a DIY, low tech, low cost solutions mecca. Check it out and contribute your own homemade solution to the site.

City Farmer News

Urban Agriculture Notes is a website started in 1994 by City Farmer and was one of the first urban farming web resources. It is still an amazing resource today and this blog is an edited, easier to navigate companion to the City Farmer Notes site. It’s mostly a collection of recent stories about urban farmers  and urban agriculture projects from around the world.

Queer Farmer Film Project

A blog by Jonah Mossberg who is a farmer, filmmaker, and creator of The Queer Farmer Film Project. He is quoted in a Grist article explaining that he thinks there’s a natural connection between the instincts involved in rethinking food production and those involved in rethinking human relationships.

This blog visits Queer Farmers across America and is so heartwarming and brain stimulating to read.

You Grow Girl

Written by Gayla Trail, author of several gardening books and a Toronto urban gardener. Gayla has been blogging on You Grow Girl for 11 years now and its a great resource for DIY urban gardeners new and old.

Year Round Gardener

Written by Niki Jabbour, a local garden writer and radio show host. Her first book- The Year Round Vegetable Gardener is coming out this year. It’s always nice to keep up on what folks are doing close to home and get some of that good ol local knowledge, and this blog has a nice focus on gardening in our lovely Nova Scotian Climate.

Adventures In Local Food

Finally a shout out to another Halifax blog written in the Food Action Committee’s office at the Ecology Action Centre. Great recipes for local food, written by special folks, some of whom I’m sure you know. If you’d like to write for either of these blogs (Adventures in Local Food or Halifax Garden Network), give us a call at 442-1077 or send us an email.


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