Heliotrust Launches New Blog

Heliotrope is a plant that turns to face the sun. The most well-known heliotrope is the sunflower.  

The Ecology Action Centre and the Food Action Committee, coordinate a project called Heliotrust, which is based on the Hants Shore. The focus of the project is conserving farm land, resources, and knowledge in order to have ecological food production now and in the future. The guiding principle of the work is to ‘face the sun’, focusing on positive initiatives much like the sunflower would.

They are a rural project, but even if you don’t have a car you can take a gander and keep up on their news at their new blog. Take a peek and spread the word.



One thought on “Heliotrust Launches New Blog

  1. I would tend to agree that commercial/residential development is destroying our farm lands. Authorities must come up with a plan to keep a balance between farmland and residential development.

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