Garden Gossip: How to Find Out What is Happening

It may not feel like it but spring is just around the corner and the city is abuzz with gardening workshops and events. Its not always easy to stay in the know, but here are two great local resources to help keep all the action straight.

Halifax Garden Network Website and Calendar

It is easy to find out all that is happening by visiting the Halifax Garden Network Events Calendar. Click on a listing to see everything you need to know about the event and who to get in touch with to participate or register. 

GardenHalifax Listserve

If you’d like annoucements delivered straight to your inbox, sign up to the GardenHalifax email listserve to hear what other urban gardeners are up to and how to get involved. You can subscribe by emailing (and un-subscribe by emailing

These events are great chances to meet other gardeners in your area, learn and new skill and ask some questions. We are all learning so don’t be shy.

Written by: Garity Chapman


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