Finding a Spot to Grow: Garden Spaces in the City

If you don’t have a garden of your own and think you might like one this summer, now is the time to start looking. Many community gardens fill up quickly and have long waiting lists each year so it’s good to get your name on the list early. Here is a quick guide on how to do that, as well as other options to help you find a garden spot to call your own.

Community Gardens

Each community garden in HRM is coordinated by a volunteer at each garden. It is a very informal system, where one or more gardeners offer to help keep track of new and lapsed memberships from year to year. You can find the contact information for the coordinator of each garden on the Halifax Garden Network Map, by clicking on the icon for the garden you are interested in. The map allows you to look for gardens in your neighbourhood and get in touch directly. If you find a contact is out of date let us know at the Urban Garden Project and we’ll update our listings. Don’t get discouraged if you end up on a waiting list, as people’s plans change and plots are always opening up.

Halifax Landshare

If you find you are unable to find a plot in a community garden, or if there aren’t any gardens in your area, another option is Halifax Landshare. This is a program where people can post online on our garden map, announcing that they have a yard to share, or are looking for a spot to garden. It works similar to the classifieds, letting everyone know who has extra land to share and who is looking and the map helps you to find a place close to home.Both those with land to share, and those looking for land can look through these listings and get in touch with another Landshare participant in their neighbourhood to see if there is a possibility of working together. Yellow bullet points indicate a yard available to share, blue bullets indicate someone is looking for land. The map acts as a starting point for people to start a conversation and collaborate.If you have a bit of extra space in your yard, or would like someone to help you with your garden in trade for produce, consider listing your space on the map so that we can help everyone have a space to grow their own. To do so, simply fill out the form on the Halifax Garden Network Map page and we’ll add you to our map. For further information you can read, Using Halifax Landshare, which offers advice on questions to ask when talking with another Landshare participant. If you have any questions please email us.

If you would like to see a community garden in your neighbourhood take a look at “10 Steps to Starting a Community Garden” for advice on where to get started. Together we will find, build and make our gardens, from the ground up.

Written by: Garity Chapman


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