Our Food: See Us in Motion

So I am away from my Urban Garden Project post for the summer. I plan to spend time honing some of my growing skills out at a N.S. farm and the rest of my time learning some new pursuits.

But first I wanted to show you all our new video, that talks about the work that we do here at the Our Food Project, at the Ecology Action Centre.

The Our Food Project combines the garden work that you see here on this blog, with the food skills work (which you can read all about at the Adventures In Local Food Blog) to build positive food environments.

What is a positive food environment, you ask?  Well, we think of it as a situation, or a culture where communities are equipped to grow, access and enjoy healthy, sustainable, local foods. Positive Food Environments include communal resources like community kitchens, greenhouses, root cellars, food box deliveries. It means sharing food, teaching each other what we know, and working together to create equitable, healthy and sustainable community food systems.

Marla, (of the Food Connections Project) and I (with the Urban Garden Project) have been doing this work for over 5 years and in the past year we’ve been able to bring this work together under the Our Food Project.  We have had an amazing year, working with so many great organizations and communities and learning so much along the way.

I hope everyone has a great summer and get in touch if you would like to include your stories of photos on the blog.

Written By: Garity Chapman


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