Two New Gardens In Town

Every year a handful of new community garden spaces pop up. This month I heard about two new spaces that were built by Home Harvest Kitchen Gardens and I wanted to pass along the news and hear if there are any other new garden spaces in HRM this year.

The first garden is Glen Garden in Clayton Park. The project was headed up by Immigration Settlement and Integration Services (ISIS).

ISIS talks about the overwhelming interest in the garden project on their website, stating: More than 150 community members came to help build the beds, to ask questions and to enjoy some BBQ food together.  There were 40 applications submitted from families/individuals wanting a garden plot and although there are only 15 beds, this waitlist gives us more reason to work on building two more community gardens in the area.

The second garden is located at the Spryfield Urban Farm Museum and is called the “Come Grow With Us Learning Garden”. You can watch the progress of this garden by visiting the farm’s website or facebook page, or better yet drop by for a visit and lend a hand. Community gardens all across town have lengthy waitlists and getting a plot can be tough. It’s great to see new gardens sprouting up each year and we still have a long way to go before we satisfy the demand for growing space. Lets keep talking and making plans to build more shared garden spaces, in our parks, our backyards, our churches and community centres.

To see where gardens are located check out our garden map on the Halifax Garden Network Website and if you know of a new garden let us know using the form located underneath the map.

Written by: Garity Chapman


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