Eating our Landscapes

While perusing the internet this weekend I came across a TED talk by Pam Warhurst titled How we can eat our landscapes. She is a co-founder of the volunteer-led initiative, Incredible Edible Todmorden, in Todmorden, England that has taken to planting food all over their town. Using land of public bodies – hospitals, police stations, transport stations – as well as unused spaces,  landscapes are transformed into edible places, which can be shared by all. Employing food-based learning, this initiative has engaged the community to grow and advocate for local food.

This talk left me feeling inspired to imagine Halifax with more edible spaces; with fewer lawns and more gardens. Can you imagine being able to walk to work and grab veggies for your lunch time salad? How about having your group meetings in a near-by orchard? How lovely would it be to be able run into your neighbour at the community herb spiral? What would change if we make healthy, local food more accessible for all?

“Can you find a unifying language that cuts across age and income and culture? … Yes, and the language would appear to be food.” – Pam Warhurst

We are definitely en route to transforming our landscapes. Many new community gardens are popping up across HRM each year and people are starting gardens where and when they can (like the awesome guerilla garden on the corner of Bilby Street). It is in this spirit that more edible spaces can be achieved.

How would you make Halifax more edible?

For more on the inspirational Incredible Edible Todmorden visit their website and check out the video!

Written by: Mhari Lamarque


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