Beginner Farmer Symposium Reflection

On Monday, I had the privilege of attending the ACORN Beginner Farmer Symposium in Sackville, NB. This event was geared toward those new to farming – apprentices or even new gardeners, as well as people interested in taking the next steps into a farming business. The day was filled with several inspiring speakers who spoke to their experiences farming within the organic network. Many topics such as cooperative farming, raising livestock, greenhouse use, soil systems, and farm finances were covered; clearly laying out some of the realities associated with organic farming.

Having only my urban gardening experience, I was unsure about what I would be able to take away from this event. To my delight, the major theme of the day was to learn and share your knowledge and experiences with others. We were encouraged to seek out experiences where we could learn from others and their mistakes as well as to share what we’ve learned with our community. This is what I love most about gardening and food – the opportunity to learn and connect with each other. This is also a pillar to the local organic movement.

As collective groups of people, we have great amounts of experiences and knowledge that are worth probing and exploring. Growing and preparing food gives us the opportunity to share our histories, to develop skills and to communicate with each other. With this connection we develop closer, stronger relationships with which we can do great things.

Written by: Mhari Lamarque


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