Welcome, Common Roots Urban Farm!

A sunny afternoon walk through the middle of the city brought me to the site of the former Queen Elizabeth high school. I was delighted to see many bodies with hats, shovels and wheelbarrows hard at work on the beautiful new Common Roots Urban Farm. The plans for this garden are incredible; making great use of their prime location and substantial space.

Just during my brief visit, there were many different groups at work; new plots popping up all over! Students from Citadel High were energetic and keen on supporting their beds with bricks from the old Queen Elizabeth school.

Common Roots Urban Farm welcomes volunteers, of any skill level, to join in on their projects. Focused on hands-on and community engaging work, it is a great place to start or expand your gardening experiences. You can drop by on Fridays between 2 and 6, or, attend one of their fun work parties on the third Saturday of every month between 11 and 4.  Also, they will also be hosting a variety of workshops which will be great learning opportunities, you can check out their calendar here.

It is really wonderful to see these new urban garden initiatives well supported. These spaces provide a great venue to learn and grow together. To learn about the community gardens near you, take a look at this map.

For more information about the Common Roots Urban Farm initiative check out there website and Facebook page. Or, better yet, swing by and say hello!

Written by: Mhari Lamarque